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I miss my Android

I traded in my Samsung and switched to an iPhone 5 a few weeks ago. I love the iPhone, I do, but I kind of miss my Android. The phone was gorgeous, and the screen was big and amazing. I probably didn’t give it enough time to get use to it, but I was under the gun and I made the safe decision.

Looking at it now I should have waited until after the holidays to get the phone in the first place. WIth the two jobs I am very busy and very tired for basically all of December. I know this, but I do things anyway. I was also spurred on by AT&T’s continued pathetic customer service, and what I consider anti-consumer policies, but this isn’t about them, it is about me.

The big thing that I realized is that the real tyranny of being mostly broke and living paycheck to paycheck isn’t the worry about unforeseen large expenses, at least not for me it isn’t. For me it is that every purchase becomes a huge purchase. I found myself agonizing over which bathmat to buy for the new apartment when it should have been an easy choice, and one that if I ended up not liking it I could just buy a different bathmat, but I can’t this was my one shot for months (one that I am very happy with thankfully). The same thing is true of the phone, admittedly an out of contract phone is extremely expensive, but with a trade in it could have been manageable. Que sera sera.

I suppose that I will just enjoy my iPhone and iOS and when the next big thing comes out for Android maybe I will be in a better place to purchase it, with or without an upgrade discount.