Hello world!

So we are going to try this blog thing again. My lovely girlfriend set me up on her hosting and started this lovely WordPress account for me. These are all nice, and they are things that I very much appreciate, but not necessarily things that will help. They are systems solutions to a people problem.

So for the people problem portion I’ll try to not beat myself up so much, at first at least, if I don’t do it every day. Once I get on a roll, if I get on a roll I will be more hard on (heh heh) myself if I miss a day.

One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Jenn

    I hope you do get on a roll. It’s always a very accomplished feeling to post on a set frequency. I miss that feeling a lot and really need to get it back. And you’re welcome for the hosting. And the setup. Any questions you have about the system or if you can do this or that and how to do it, just ask. I’m here for support. <3

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