Platform vs Portal

I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I really like it. The screen is big and beautiful the volume is nice and loud it fits well in my hands and, for me, it’s easy to operate one handed. What I don’t like as much, or at least what is making me wonder if I want to keep the phone is Android. My phone is running 4.0 and should get updated to 4.1 in a few weeks, but I just don’t know if that will be enough. There are things I like about Android for sure, especially the swipe keyboard I’m even using that to type up this whole post, but I miss that polish that iOS has. I’m also missing some of my favorite apps and some apps that are here just aren’t as good. The problem that I’m having is do I care more about the hardware stuff I like or do I want the polished software more. It is a more complicated and challenging question than I realized.